For two days during the Spinnerei Rundgang in Leipzig’s gallery district, a group of 12 contemporary artists of different stylistic backgrounds and origins will work in art space and gallery Laden Fuer Nichts (shop for nothing) under “sweat shop conditions”. During their five hour shift, all the artist is given is a chair, a table, and paint. Each one of them inhabiting the space of round about 2 x 4 meter. 

Find below The Artist Ranking of the participants, sorted by revenue made during the SWEAT SHOP.
Also check our numerous Videos of the event below!

The Artist Ranking

  1. paule hammer
    2262.00 €
    Paule Hammer
  2. maschine 270 x 380 cm Ol auf leinwand 2010
    2067.00 €
    Sebastian Gögel
  3. fromm Metzgerin bea
    1791.00 €
    Marc Fromm
  4. Iamnotintopainting 2014.2016 FM855x995sweatshop
    838.00 €
    Jirka Pfahl
  5. my lasher tine guenther love
    806.00 €
    Tine Günther
  6. peter gregorio etay 07
    797.00 €
    Peter Gregorio
  7. minor alexander
    725.00 €
    Minor Alexander
  8. zanki mahakala
    602.00 €
    Josip Zanki
  9. Julia Herfurth Echse Litho 2017
    422.00 €
    Julia Herfurth

The Videos